Frozen Ground Excavation & FROSTHOG® Video Gallery

FROSTHOG® Video Gallery – Frozen Ground Excavation

FROSTHOG® Promo Video:

FROSTHOG® Operation Video:

THAW frozen ground
THAW foundation footings
THAW underground pipeline crossings
THAW grave plots & grave sites
THAW underground sewer lines
THAW ground for concrete prep
THAW ground for utility trenching
KEEP crews working all winter

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All burner controls and propane valves are enclosed to eliminate vandalism. The hood is insulated to maintain high interior temperatures, yet leaving the exterior cool to prevent accidental burn injuries. There is no open flame – all units are equipped with flame arrestor cells, safety valves and automatic gas shut‐offs, making the FROSTHOG® explosion‐proof for use in residential and/or hazardous areas.


Unlike costly water, steam, and vacuum trucks that only expose a small area, the use of a 12 ft. FROSTHOG® will allow 5 – 6 feet of hand excavating on each side of the major pipeline. Therefore exposing by hand the possibility of any other pipelines or utility lines and keeping within the guidelines set forth by the Government and pipeline companies.

For more savings, the FROSTHOG® can be converted to natural gas when available. Request a free demo!